Specialty BarrelInventory

  • Dry Fly currently has over six hundred 53-gallon barrels combined on inventory.
  • Please keep in mind that all our whiskey, Cask, Wheat, Triticale, and even our Barrel Aged Gin are often asked for as a barrel offering.
  • All are in high-proof choices.
  • Pricing is similar to current pricing of our various proof products.
  • You can customize Dry Fly bottles with professional screened customer logos and verbiage.
  • 750 or 375 ml options are available.
  • We send samples once choices are narrowed.
  • In most cases the barrel is sent with the final order.

About the oak we use:

Although American white oak (botanical name Quercus alba) is found in abundance throughout the eastern two-thirds of the United States, it is our experience that the best trees for high-quality staves are found in the Ozark region of the central United States. Trees harvested from this region produce staves with more extractives than trees grown in northern climates. In addition, trees grown in this area do not have the large growth rings and high whitewood content that are found in trees from the Deep South. The thin, rocky soil and competition with the thick undergrowth, combined with the climate of the Central States, create ideal growing conditions for the formation of tight, straight-grained wood. These conditions result in a slow-growth, fine-grain tree that is full of flavor and best for our whiskies.

We also find rare opportunities for unique barrels from around the world. Please check our current inventory sheet for our finest offerings.

Download Inventory Sheet