About Us

Small Batch Spirits, Hand-Crafted from the Ground Up


Our People

The story of Dry Fly Distilling begins with Don Poffenroth and Kent Fleischmann, knee-deep in a Pacific Northwest river, just outside the lie on a scenic bend. Early in the morning, with the sun rising behind the alders, the two friends discussed how fortunate they were to live, work, and play in one of the most amazing places on Earth. That conversation hatched an idea to find a way to share their mutual love of hand-crafted spirits and the natural beauty and purity of the Northwest. Dry Fly Distilling was born.

Our Process

To get the most from the local ingredients available in and around Eastern Washington, Dry Fly Distilling embraces the purest form of craft distilling and produces the highest quality product. Utilizing Christian Carl pot stills – manufactured in Goppingen, Germany – with multiple rectification columns, Dry Fly uses state-of-the-art machinery and takes no shortcuts in producing award-winning vodka, gin, whiskies and bourbon.

Dry Fly sources its ingredients from local farms in beautiful Eastern Washington. Don and Kent have long-established relationships with a handful of farmers whom they trust to deliver consistent, quality ingredients that are evident in every drop of Dry Fly spirits.


Our Product

Dry Fly embraces the farm to bottle approach and believes it is the consumer’s right to know what they’re drinking, where it came from, and how it was produced. We do not purchase bulk alcohol. We do not source our grains from a variety of producers, compromising consistency and quality. We do not take shortcuts in the distilling process by using inadequate stills or take shortcuts in barrel aging by using additives or employing non-traditional barrel sizing. From grain to glass, we invest in every step of the process and have a passion for what we do because we believe the right way is the only way.

We invite you to find a bottle of Dry Fly today and experience true small batch spirits, hand-crafted from the ground up.